Relentless self-reflection is our path to beauty

At the end of the day, a good project must also be aesthetically pleasing, or in other words “beautiful”. But isn’t “beauty” in the eye of the beholder? We say no! What seems the most obvious is not always the best. Peter Zumthor already speaks of the “complexity of simplicity”. And here, we are building on this, through hard work and self-reflection, information and research.

Information and research

No successful project can come about without information. That is why we like to bother our customers, especially at the start when things begin to get moving, so we can coax as much information as possible out of them.

Diversity without limits

Unearthing the whole spectrum of diverse possibilities is one of the most important steps in our work. Everything is worth consideration, nothing is off-limits. This is the only way we can be sure that nothing is left to chance.

Reflection and analysis

All approaches must be analyzed and reflected. The more opinions, the better. Here, too, we follow our golden rule: the more ruthless and honest the criticism, the better the prospect of creating a perfect project. What results is not a ready-made solution, but rather a path to be followed.